Instructions about Right of Revocation

1. Right of revocation

Because of the customer's legal right of revocation, the order and its acceptance by Distrelec BV initially result in a provisional contractual relationship that is still pending. You as customer may revoke your contractual declaration within 7 (seven) days – by using the revocation form, or by making a corresponding declaration in any other form that makes clear your decision to revoke the contract. The deadline period starts from the time of receiving these instructions in text form, but not before the goods are delivered to the customer or to a third party designated by the customer. For the revocation period to be granted, the goods are to be promptly sent back to Distrelec BV  or to a person that it has authorised to receive the goods, and in any case within the set term of 7 (seven) days. Where the delivery of the item takes place in more than one partial shipment or parts, the deadline period starts from the time the last partial shipment or the last part is received.

The revocation should be addressed to:

Distrelec BV

2. Consequences of revocation

In the case of a valid revocation, the services (goods/payments) received by either party are to be returned within 7 (seven) days from the time the valid revocation decision is announced (see 5.1), and any benefits that have been drawn (e.g. interest) shall be handed over. Distrelec BV  is only obliged to refund the standard delivery charges to the customer.

If the customer is unable or only partly able to return or hand over the services received and the benefits (e.g. advantages of use), or only in an impaired condition, the customer is obliged to pay compensation for the respective lost value. The customer is only obliged to pay compensation for the lost value due to the impairment of the item and for benefits drawn, where the benefits or the impairments are caused by using the item beyond the mere testing of properties and functioning. By "testing the properties and functioning" is meant the testing and trying out of the respective item in the manner that is possible and commonly occurs, for example, in a retail store.

Items that can be returned in the packaging are to be sent back at our risk. If a return of the goods is not possible on account of the weight or bulkiness of the package, it suffices if the customer sends a written request to arrange a return to Distrelec BV  within the 7-day period starting from the time the goods are received. The customer shall bear the standard costs of the return shipment if the goods can be sent back by post.

After the customer has declared a revocation in accordance with the deadline and formal requirements, and the item has been received by Distrelec BV, then Distrelec BV shall refund the payment within 7 (seven) days.

3. Exceptions to the right of revocation

There is no right of revocation in the case of:

  • deliveries of goods that were tailor-made to customer's specifications or were evidently modified to match the customer's personal requirements, or that are not suitable for returning because of their properties, or that might quickly spoil, or whose sell-by date has expired.
  • the delivery of audio or video recordings or of software if the data carriers have been unsealed by the customer.
  • the delivery of newspapers, journals and magazines, unless the customer concluded the contract over the telephone.
  • deliveries of digital content that are not supplied on a physical data carrier, if the execution has already started with the prior consent of the customer and he has acknowledged that this means that he loses his right of revocation.

Before returning devices with storage media (e.g. hard disks, USB drives, mobile phones etc.), please note the following instructions:

You are basically responsible for safeguarding the data. Please make appropriate back-up copies or delete any personal data contained in them. This is especially important when the personal data of third parties is stored.

If it is not possible to delete this because of some defect, then we ask that you expressly inform us that personal data is present. Please note this in a clearly visible way on the return slip.

End of the instructions about the right of revocation.