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Founded in the mid-twentieth century and with two sub-divisions in the fields of bioscience and calibration equipment, Fluke is a producer of industrial testing equipment. Employing in the region of 2,500 people, Fluke is now a worldwide corporation with operations that span the globe. Principally, it makes measurement instruments for scientific, service, educational and industrial applications. However, it also manufacturers some products that are specifically designed for the governmental sector. Based in the United States, Fluke is a billion-dollar company in terms of its turnover, which includes sales of its data communications products under the Fluke Networks brand. It produces a wide range of electronic products, including remote wireless displays, thermal imaging systems, data loggers and PC measuring devices, installation testers and power-testing instrumentation. Another popular range of products within its sphere is oscilloscopes. This product group includes handheld oscilloscopes, and probes and accessories for the devices, such as shielded test leads. Fluke is also well-known for its popular and versatile multimeters and current clamp meters, which tend to be housed in a distinctive yellow enclosure matching the company's corporate colours.


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