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Fluke Networks offers state of the art solutions to test, monitor and certify networks as part of critical infrastructure. Founded in 1992 and based in Washington State, USA, this network tools specialist now operates worldwide in more than 50 countries. Fluke LAN measuring instruments are relied on by network engineers responsible for installing, commissioning, testing and maintaining reliable computer communications. Cable analysers and faultfinders speed up defect diagnosis and help to optimise performance in commercial systems and data centres. In telephone exchanges, telecom measuring instruments and top of the range fibre optic testers facilitate cabling certification. In addition to toolkits for network engineers, a variety of durable network toners (also termed copper cable testers) features circuit protection and audible indicators for testing Ethernet cabling continuity. Finally, spectrum and logic analysers combine in-depth RF (radio frequency) spectrum analysis with real-time LAN measurements to troubleshoot performance problems quickly and accurately. Analysers with USB connections can be used with notebooks, netbooks and tablet PCs to identify and locate network interference, such as from Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, microwave ovens and other unexpected sources.


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