Actuator Sensor Interfaces

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An actuator sensor interface is also commonly referred to as an AS-Interface or an AS-I. It is a physical layer within the much-used data access method of information protocol that is applied to DCS, PLC and personal computer automation systems. Offering real-time automation, the devices can be used in a number of configurations and they are split into four basic types: gateways or masters, power supplies and repeaters, slaves, and finally infrastructure AS-Is which work with network cables as installation hardware. Regardless of the type, all of the actuator sensor interface technology that has been developed has been designed to a standard laid down by a non-profit organisation based in Germany. AS-I interfaces are quick to install and require little maintenance, with only one cable needed for both power supply and data transfer. Many AS-I modules are designed to be installed in standard electrical cabinets, but others are more compact to fit into smaller places. AS-I accessories include things like seals, mounting plates and dividers.